So I found the only copy of the first poem I ever performed at a poetry slam. I decided that this gem needed to stay alive even if it is literal trash. This is the only place it is going to exist because I’m destroying the paper copy (it has water stains and dust). So here’s goes nothing and everything. Here is the first poem I ever thought was worth something (even though it is actual trash).


I see stars

In my eyes

Like lies

Concealing my thoughts

Hiding my soul

Clouding my mind

I need to find a way out

Back to earth

I’m stuck in space

Lost without a trace

I’m a simple piece of paper

All colored in

So you can’t see

The genius written on me

I won’t be recycled

Just thrown away


Without a cost

Pay up

ATM trip

Money won’t fix this

It’s me you’ll miss

Mousey Missy

Couldn’t get her to speak

She’d only squeak

Her message wasn’t weak

She tried and tried

To scream

The stars were in the way

Heavy like clay

Blocking the path to the lock

She had the key

But no one could see

They were blind

Wouldn’t give her the time

Just passed her by

She was too shy

To stand tall

To raise her voice

To give a fight

To spread the light

No one noticed her

Invisible powers

No off switch

There’s this itch

To leave the nest

To lead the rest

So that one day

They can join into one marching band

Stretching across each land

Playing in harmony

All happy

Smiling forever

That will be the day

That everyone’s together

That everyone’s okay

That everyone will stay

No more fights

No more loss

No more tears

No more fears

Just simple



So now you can see why I don’t rhyme in my poetry, it isn’t because I hate rhyming, it’s because I suck at it! Gosh that was painful but sweet. Never forget where you come from.

Oh yeah, I finished my freshman year of college yesterday.



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