Camp Counselor To Be

I’ve been swamped with work lately, but I have some news. I’m going to be a camp counselor this summer at a sleepaway camp. I’ll be gone for about nine weeks, not that it will affect this blog too much, I have definitely gone more than nine weeks without posting. However, I do want to write a lengthy post about being a camp counselor after the fact. I have been searching for articles about people who have been camp counselors, and most of the articles are from camps and written by the people in charge of the camp. I’m anonymous so this post would be non-camp sponsored, just me writing my experiences. I’m so excited to be out in the outdoors, to get inspiration, and to have fun! Maybe this experience will finally give me the ability to write another story! …. maybe, don’t quote me on that! I may still post before I leave, but I wanted to write out this idea before I forget it. I want to write a post that future people thinking of working at a sleepaway camp can read to help them make a decision. I think it’s important to note that I have been to a sleepaway camp one summer for about a week, but I have traveled on my own many times, and I don’t get homesick. So I have limited camp experience, but I have a lot of knowledge about outdoor activities. I’ve been camping my whole life, and I do many outdoor things such as kayaking, hiking, high ropes courses, and outdoor cooking. So, I do have quite a bit of outdoors knowledge, but I’ve been told by the camp that you don’t need experience to be a counselor, you just need an open mind! Some more background, I am going to primarily be a counselor of girls aged 13-16, but I may end up working with some of the younger girls if they need me to. Here are the things I want to hit in my article

  • Color wars, what the heck it is because I still don’t know
  • Food, as a vegetarian I can report on what it’s like to have diet restrictions at camp
  • Breaks! What breaks do I get? I can’t be working 24/7 for nine weeks!
  • CPR training, this whole process is intimidating so I will report on how it goes
  • Other counselors/ co-workers, is everyone as nice as they seem?
  • Being an introverted counselor, I’m terrified that I will wear myself out completely
  • Cabins! Everything from sleeping arrangements, bathrooms, and anything crazy that may happen relating to how one lives at camp
  • Activities, what do you do at camp?
  • Learning how to teach said activities, I still have no idea which activities I’ll be in charge of yet, I need to learn how to be in charge too!
  • Water sports, what is it like to lead 10 girls in a kayaking game of tag? Sounds terrifying, I will find out
  • Fire, what do they teach about fire safety, how to start a fire, how many fires do we actually have?
  • Being outside every single day
  • Health, the camp I’m working advertises that it will get counselors in shape, so what does that mean????
  • Campers! What is it like to be surrounded by kids that are dependent on you?
  • Being a counselor, I remember idolizing my camp counselors, will I be the idol this time?
  • Drama! Between campers, counselors, counselors and campers, everything! Because I’m anonymous I do not have to hold back, and will be 100% truthful of my experience.

Okay guys! That is my plan, I might add or drop things after actually having this experience. Thank you all so much for being a part of all my journeys! I love you all, and I support you guys too. Good luck on finals and for anyone in highschool, GO TO YOUR SENIOR PROM AND PICNIC. That is all 🙂



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