Little Poem

Little Poem

Forget I offered to fix you; I’m not going to try anymore.

Stop wondering when you’ll see me; I’m not coming around anymore.

Don’t pretend to love me; I won’t feed your addiction anymore.

I’m done being yours; you were never mine anyway.


So I’ve been exploring this idea of grammatical restrictions on my poetry. All my poetry has some sort of limitation (for example, rhyme scheme, certain words I won’t use, flow, and things like that). I think it’s important to give yourself restrictions as a poet because then you have something to overcome. If you want to describe a feeling of sadness but can’t use the words “sad, depressed, upset” then you will find a more creative way to describe that feeling. It isn’t easy, but it makes for a much better end product. So for this poem each line needed to have a semi-colon. I’m not sure I’m done with this poem yet, but here is all it is for now. Enjoy!



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