Starbucks Update

I’m sitting here in Starbucks writing this, and I felt the need to write about this because I just came out of one of those strange deja vu moments again. I was sitting here reading some free book I’ve downloaded onto my Nook, and I just looked up wondering why I was sitting here. My mind was taken to a place where I was sitting at a desk in high school and reading rather than doing my work. I looked up, afraid that I was missing information that may be on a final, but instead of seeing a teacher I locked eyes with a random student. I had to remind  myself that I am indeed in college and I don’t have class until 4pm today. It was the oddest feeling. It felt like my chest was sinking and my mind was foggy. I don’t know what these moments mean, but they keep happening. I’m not exactly afraid of them, but this hasn’t happened to me before, The last time I made a big transition was middle school to high school and I don’t remember having these experiences quite as often or quite as intensely. That’s why I’m writing about these things.

Anyway, on to less freaky Friday things and on to more fun things. For instance, the Musical Theater Club show is really soon! I’m extremely excited and nervous. I also have to do some networking during this upcoming tech week. I have been seriously considering running for secretary of Musical Theater Club. It would be a huge, stressful job, but I think that I could do it and do it well. The jobs of the secretary are to make the rehearsal schedules each week, take minutes during the meetings, help run the meetings, help choreograph the audition dance, help decide who makes it into Musical Theater Club, help decide which musical numbers make it into the show, and create the bio board which is a board with all our bios that we hang in the lobby of the auditorium that we perform at. Plus the secretary helps Musical Theater Club run smoothly in general. It would be a ton of extra work, but I love this club so much. It’s honestly this club and my two best friends that made me love my college so much. I won’t get into how much I love my college because we’d be here all day, but this club is why. If I could be a part of the process of making this club as awesome as it is, that would be incredible. Now I’m still not actually sure I’ll run for secretary, if someone I really like and think could do the job at least as well as I could runs for the position, I won’t run. I respect my friends and want them to be happy and if that means giving up secretary, I can do that. Another concern of mine is that I’m only a freshman, and usually it’s sophomores who run for secretary and treasurer while juniors run for vp and president. However, from what I’ve heard only one sophomore wants to run at all, and I’m not sure what she’s running for. I don’t know if any juniors are running for secretary, but I don’t think they will. Most people want to be secretary or treasurer so they can be vp or president the next year, but a junior would be graduating and the year they are secretary or treasurer and so they couldn’t run for vp or president the next year. What makes me confident though is that one kid who ran for secretary last year promises to run again this year; he’s supposed to be a junior but he added a second major so he is taking an extra year to graduate. What about him running makes me confident you ask? He isn’t really well liked. He auditioned for the club three times before he got in, and every one has told me that if he runs I can’t vote for him. He’s really disorganized and only wants the title. Also, he’s just a jerk in general. If it’s him against me, I would win despite being so young. Anyway, that’s my train of thought. I’m still not sure I’ll even run honestly. Nevertheless, this tech week I’m going to ask people if they are running for anything, and hint that I’m interested in running for secretary. That’s how I’m networking.

What else is happening in my life recently? I haven’t worked on that story I keep promising, sorry. I’ve been busy with group projects. I am working on a poem though, so maybe I can post that soon. Other than that I’ve been playing video games and doing work. Oh yeah! I got a fitbit and now I’m obsessed with reaching my goal everyday because it feels like earning an achievement in a video game. Like I now leave even earlier for classes and clubs than I used to so that I can take the most annoying and long routes to get there. It’s actually really fun though. I love walking alone just listening to music and thinking. That’s about all I have to say for now, until next time!



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